Full Campervan Conversions are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the uncertainty around foreign holiday travel at the moment.  We could convert your Panel or Kombi van into a full Campervan so that you’re ready for those weekend breaks or long touring holidays.  Here at Sunset Campers, we can price a Conversion to your own specification, or we can offer one of our many packages depending on what your budget allows.

Think about what you require from a Conversion, are you a couple, a family or a lone traveller?  Is storage more important than living space? Some people like to be able to attach a drive away awning and use this as their living space once they are set up at camp. Some people want everything organised within the van so storage is an important aspect.  How many people will you be travelling with? Would you prefer a full width bed set up so that you have a more spacious sleeping area and can transport more passengers in the rear.  There is so much to consider when planning your conversion, and here at Sunset Campers we would love to talk through that with you so that you are ready to holiday in your van.

We have also converted numerous Panel vans into Kombi or Day vans. Maybe camping just isn’t your thing, but you like the idea of all that extra space to transport the family around, or to make taking part in your hobbies easier.  Road Trips could be much more fun if you can brew up in that layby you always stop at to admire the view or having the extra space to change clothes and store your bike after that muddy mountain bike trail you’ve just completed. There is so much flexibility with a Kombi or Day van, we would be happy to talk through options with you.


  • Do you have a large family that requires the extra space a van has compared to a car or SUV?

  • Do you want your van assiste your hobby?

  • Will you be using your van as a camper or as a day van?

  • How many people will be traveling in your van?

  • Will you be sleeping in your van? If so how many?

  • Which is more important within your van, storage or living space?

  • Will you be attaching a drive away awning or tent to the side of your van?

Packages we offer

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