Rob & Becky T4 SWB Camper Self Build

The start of a very exciting journey for Rob & Becky

Job Description

Rob & Becky came to us wanting some help in fitting two side opening windows and a mechanical health check. Well we are very surprised it managed to drive in to the workshop. The clutch was making a horrible noise and once dismantled we found it needed a new clutch and clutch release arm kit as it was completely worn out. After making a mechanical health check video and sending it to Rob & Becky, their T4 AKA “Susan the t4 van” needed new rear brakes, new rear springs, new front wheel bearing, new CV boots, new timing belt, new water pump and new auxiliary belts. They also wanted help with ply lining, carpeting, floor and a split charge system.

Projects Details

  • Two opening side windows
  • Mechanical health check
  • Plyline and carpet
  • Altro flooring
  • Split charger
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