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Lowering a van is an ideal way to not only make your campervan look less like a commercial van but it’ll also help with ride and handling as well as help with the access high.

The lowering kit used here is an Eibach 35-40mm adjustable spring kit. This kit simply replaces the original springs on the front with a shorter spring that lowers the van between 35-40mm. The rear is the same but it has an adjustable collar [...]

The option to have the all round glass look is matter of taste rather than practicality. For us at Sunset Campers we like the all round glass look even though you will never see out of it.

We use Camper Glass produces because we believe they’re the best on the market and offer a wide range of options for various different camper layouts.

The option we fitted here is a total blackout fake quarter glass. This will stop any light shining through and showing the colour of your van through the glass.

They also supply a rear quarter trim which goes in between [...]

We had a customer contact us about her awning rail that was fitted under the elevated roof by another company. She was complaining about the kador strip scratching the top of her van and the figure of eight annoyingly hitting the van at night keeping her and her children awake.

The solution was a UK designed Combi Rail by Vamoose. This is multi purpose awning rail that will enable you to attach most free standing awnings and shelters with a 6mm kador strip. It will also divert rain away from opening doors with is gutter shape design.

It is held in place with super strong [...]

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