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Eibach 35-40mm Adjustable Lowering Spring Kit

Lowering a van is an ideal way to not only make your campervan look less like a commercial van but it’ll also help with ride and handling as well as help with the access high.

The lowering kit used here is an Eibach 35-40mm adjustable spring kit. This kit simply replaces the original springs on the front with a shorter spring that lowers the van between 35-40mm. The rear is the same but it has an adjustable collar which allows you to balance the ride height with the front. This is very useful because the weight can vary between vans depending on if you have rock and roll beds, cupboards etc etc.



Once the hide height is balanced a full wheel alignment is needed. Lowering any vehicle will naturally affect the wheel alignment so it’s important this process happens. If it doesn’t then the handling will be affected and also tyre wear will increase.


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